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Five Milkshake Recipes Perfect for Maintaining Hardcore Muscles

To feel big, you have to eat bigger; the fast rule of life. Children know it, so do bodybuilding experts. Every knowledge driven fitness freak would know that the only way to take up those calories is by filling themselves up with a wholly satisfying meal. However at the same time, they would also be aware of the fact that a rock solid protein shake would make the process for them much quicker.

That also goes with knowledge; there is a time and amount for these protein shakes and if you manage to put both the things together in the right manner, then there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from attaining your super fit, sexy and sporty body. Take a look at what the top five athletes of the world have to say about their ideal protein shakes. Legal Steroids They will help you in attaining your body goals as you just have to find which one is most suitable for you! 


Dan Green’s breakfast smoothie Ingredients: 2 spoons of Chocolate Animal Whey 1 medium banana 1 tablespoon peanut butter 1 tablespoon cream 3 quarter cup of ice 3 quarter cup of water All you have to do is place all these ingredients in the liquidizer, more commonly known as a blender, let them mix up well then indulge in these rich proteins. This is not just any ordinary drink to satisfy your thirst, rather it makes you full to the point where it provides you with the same amount of utility that a proper meal would. The banana provides carbs and calories, which is neutralized by the peanut butter’s robust taste.


The shake will also keep you full for a while before you want to pig out again and get through the day. Frank McGraths pre-killer work out beverage Ingredients: Legal Steroids Watchdog Best Legal Steroids that Work in 2018 2 spoons of Whey Protein Powder half middle-sized banana 1 tablespoon organic peanut butter half cup ice 1 cup water. Put them all in a blender and wait for it to mix up to make the perfect drink for your body.

The purpose of this shake is just to prepare you for the workout. It provides you with the exact amount of energy you need to kill it.

Many individuals cannot train efficiently and effectively on an empty stomach; their productivity levels are better when its full. However, they still prefer something more than just a full fledged meal that wouldn’t distress their body functioning. It is most preferred that this shake should be taken before you go to the gym or even before you sleep, as the banana complements the digestive system, which is extremely healthy for you. Must Read: Legal Steroids Roman Fritz’s charge up shake Ingredients: 2 spoons of Double Chocolate Animal Whey 1 cup of oats 1 cup of milk 2 egg whites Ice cubes The trick as always is the blending!

Just pour everything in the blender and it will do what it does best. Rex believes that physically eating whole foods is always a better option than taking up protein shakes. However, he emphasizes on the fact that the ideal lifestyle doesn’t exist and in such a fast pacing world, no one really has the time to sit down for a proper meal; which is very true. So, the instant charging determinant is the protein shake. This combination of proteins triggers the amino acids in our body since it has all the natural elements such as oats and eggs, keeping it very similar to a real meal. Jason Huh’s make-it-big drink Ingredients: 3 spoons of Vanilla Animal Whey 2 tablespoons of Universal Creatine 2 tablespoons of Universal Glutamine 1 middle-sized apple 1 middle-sized orange 1 cup boiled jasmine rice 3 packets of tiny assorted berries 1 cup apple cider.

This is the ultimate drink you should indulge in after your extensive work out. It is a delight for fruit lovers as it includes apples, oranges and even berries. Many individuals are faced with the question as to why jasmine rice is a part of it; the answer to this is that it replenishes muscle glycogen.

Not all foods rich in carbs impact your body in the same way, so they are essential. Dorian Hamilton’s dinner snack Ingredients: 2 spoons of Chocolate Animal Whey half middle sized avocado 2 tablespoon sliced coconut 1 cup almond milk It may come to you as a surprise that this beverage includes avocado; but the fact of the matter is how avocados have a good dosage of fat and fiber. For the individual whose body does not align well with cream, almond milk is an effective alternative as it is also free of the dairy aspect. Despite the fact that these milkshakes are good for you; they must be taken carefully.